3 Tips to Craft More Effective Email Subjects

3 Tips to Craft More Effective Email Subjects

Sep 18, 2018 | By Matt |

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An email subject is your first impression and opportunity to grab a prospect's attention and hopefully get them into your email. From there you have to convince, sell, and call to action to drive back to your product.

So, if the email subject is the start of it all and we're all bombarded with emails daily, how can you easily improve your open rates and give yourself more chances to sell your product?

1. Short and Sweet

Most of us have limited amounts of time and find ourselves skimming content online like never before. You really only have a split second to make your email stand out and grab the attention of the receiver before you are lost in an inbox or deleted entirely.

Keeping the subject short and direct helps to convey why the receiver should open that email right then. Being direct will increase your chance of that open.

2. Personalized and Helpful

While simply including the person's name for personalization is a nice first step, to really set your email apart from others you should be considering dynamic email subjects that are more pertinent to the receiver.

If your platform uses location information, perhaps include the name of the receiver's city. If you have the name of their company, perhaps use that. If you know that the receiver dropped off while booking on your platform, use that information to draw the user back in and be direct and helpful in how opening this message will allow them to complete a task.

3. Fear of Missing Out

It's human nature to not want to miss out on something awesome, and you can capitalize upon that in your email marketing with a few quick tricks.

Try creating a sense of urgency, either with time, number of items left, or simply using words such as "urgent" or "action required".

Even More

For even more ideas and tips on crafting personalized and effective email subjects, check out this extensive article from AWeber.


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