Announcing School PayIt

Announcing School PayIt

Oct 12, 2017 | By Matt |


Every product launch is exciting, but we're really proud of the team's work to bring School PayIt to life.

School PayIt allows school administrators, parents, and students to stay connected and engaged, providing a digital platform to manage a school's student body, event and fundraising efforts, accept and track payments, permission slips and more. Parents love electronically signing and paying for events with ease on the mobile phone.

We tracked over 450 user stories for the web application alone, across 20 deliverable milestones, 2300+ commits on 3 web codebases and over 1300 tests including Javascript integration testing. Utilizing Google Hangouts, Slack, and TeamWork we managed to stay connected and deliver a large, well tested product platform on schedule within 2% of the budget and scope in less than 90 days.


Case Study

We're so proud of our work we've put together a case study showing how we executed a laser focused plan to craft a robust platform in record time.

Read the Case study

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