How to Make Marketing Yourself Easy

How to Make Marketing Yourself Easy

Mar 28, 2017 | By Chris |


The Key to Marketing

The key when you are marketing yourself isn't exactly about you. It is about the clients needs and how YOU can help them. Be specific with who you are reaching out to. Know who your idea client is and talk to them. Don't be afraid to be specific. You'll have a greater chance at getting clients specifically targeting them versus being too general and getting no ones attention. 


How to better market to your customers or clients on your website Using social media in marketing yourslef

There are a few things that you can do you to your website to make sure you are providing the right info to you customers or clients. Y

  • Show the customer or client of your Value - when you are talking about your features or services talk about how they will benefit the client and try to avoid jargon that will limit the client or customer understanding. 
  • Pricing - offering clear pricing and details of that on your page can help show the customer that you do it enough to have the pricing worked out.
  • Create an offer -  offer them something for free such as a white paper or a email course. Something that is going to benefit them and get them to want to provide their information.
  • CTAs - make sure to have a CTA on every page. You want to give your customers or clients the most opportunities to help them and to collect their information.
  • Portfolio (if you have one) - if you are a service company and have a portfolio of work don't just show pictures. Explain how you helped improve your clients product or service. 
  • Contact Page - don't put "get in touch" on your website. No matter what if the customer or client is contacting you they probably have a question about something. Have the field heading be "Got a question?" because you have the answer for them.

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Written by Chris

I am the Marketing and Brand Manager for Lotus Apps. I have a degree in Industrial & Graphic Design.

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