Our Collaboration with MathStar

Our Collaboration with MathStar

Aug 16, 2018 | By Matt |


We enjoyed collaborating with Carol at MathStar and the mobile development team at TouchTap earlier this year to discover, define and build a platform solution to help students and parents retain math skills during summer break.

We guided Carol through the process of really understanding what the product should do for market fit, price, competition, and the direction of the platform as a whole. We worked with the team to use that guiding overview to deliver and launch a platform as the MathStar product.

Since launch in Q2 2018, we're happy to hear that almost 5k students are using the platform, engagement has been high, and students and parents both are having fun using the app and platform!

The Case Study

For more information on how we worked with Carol and TouchTap, you can read our more in depth case study below.

MathStar Case Study

Written by Matt

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