Utilizing the Power of ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL with ZomboDB

Utilizing the Power of ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL with ZomboDB

Oct 10, 2018 | By Matt |

Programming, Development

Looking to add enhanced search capabilities to your Postgres backed project and unsure of where to turn?

ElasticSearch and ZomboDB will make things a lot easier!


ZomboDB exposes a query syntax and native Postgres indexes in your existing Postgres installation, allowing you to used an ElasticSearch backed index by querying directly in Postgres.

Let that sink in.

Query data, insert, update - all via Postgres and no worries about keeping things in sync with your ElasticSearch engine.

Having everything map through Postgres as a single source of truth is powerful. It is up to ZomboDB to make sure that the data ends up in ElasticSearch in one piece and you don’t have to worry about it.


We enjoyed working with the creator of ZomboDB a few years back on the actual www.zombodb.com website - Eric is pretty laid back and a great maintainer and consultant for ZomboDB.

Next time you're considering a full stack powerful search solution for your Postgres solution, check out ZomboDB.


Written by Matt

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