We've Rebranded

We've Rebranded

Apr 07, 2017 | By Chris |


As we evolve and grow as a company we want to show a better view of ourselves and what we do. We are currently undertaking many changes in marketing and branding to become more visible to a greater audience. 

We are proud of our extensive expertise of apps both web and mobile and want to feature more of that in our branding and marketing.

This is the new face of Lotus Apps:

Lotus Apps Rebranded

Through our rebranding we wanted to stick with our flower roots but have some technical meaning. After several rounds of concepting we came across the idea for the app icon (the blue rounded square) and the command symbol merging to make a top view of a flower. Its a more abstract concept than our previous logo. We believe moving forward this new brand can lead us to new heights while providing the same amazing experience for our clients.


Thank you for being part of this journey! 


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Written by Chris

I am the Marketing and Brand Manager for Lotus Apps. I have a degree in Industrial & Graphic Design.

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Why Should I Brand My Company?