Understanding the basics of Branding through Brand Identity Examples

Understanding the basics of Branding through Brand Identity Examples

Jan 31, 2017 | By Chris |

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When thinking of how to brand your company there is a variety of factors that come into play.

Audience that you are marketing to is number one. Clearly defining the individuals or organizations that are going to be the ideal for your product or service is key. Market research, experience and instinct all play varying roles in this process and is key to starting off on the right foot.

Brand Identity

  • The “feel” or emotion, depending on market. Ex: The medical industry has a very clean feel because you want the customer to feel clean when viewing your company.
  • Style can be included with emotion. Ex: A clean, yet modern style that feels fresh and not sterile.
  • Part of the persona is also how you want to feel as the emotion towards the company. Such as darker colors may seem closed off and secretive but also more modern. In contrast, lighter colors will make you seem more transparent but can also come off as more playful in some cases.

All of this plays into the personality that you are creating for your company. Essentially the first impression when meeting someone, and essential to your brand’s message.

Brand Identity Examples

There are many different parts to your company. There is letter head, business cards, a website, mobile apps, advertising and so on. When beginning your branding journey, having an idea on what some of the assets you are going to want to create is a good idea. Some of the designs aren’t going to work across all media types and it is better to know ahead of time so it can be kept in mind throughout the design process. Additionally, some assets may provide different design avenues that are more desirable.

brand identity examples

Example assets. Source

Press Kit

Depending on your organization there are some things you should consider when creating marketing materials such as a Press kit. This provides other companies with information about your company andproduct that can be useful in marketing, like having an article written about your company. You can send your Press kit and they can have access to your logo, fonts, color scheme and so on. That way all the effort spent on branding can be shown and used no matter who is doing it.

Brand identity examples, Press Kit
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Branding is all about showing the world what your company is about. Presenting the best side to the world while simply showing what you do and can do. This can be hard to do in an image or logo but simplifying what the company is about and focusing in on the main traits can make this process easier. This is why design and research is so important. You want to make sure you are telling the right story about the company.

Why Should I Brand My Company?

Written by Chris

I am the Marketing and Brand Manager for Lotus Apps. I have a degree in Industrial & Graphic Design.

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Why Should I Brand My Company?