WWDC 2017 and You

WWDC 2017 and You

Jun 13, 2017 | By Matt |


We're a week after the 2017 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) keynote and we've taken a few to digest the news, platform changes, and hardware announcements and share what we believe it means for the next year of mobile and Mac apps for your small business.

VR is Huge

Apple is betting big on Virtual Reality, by introducing a slew of technologies and hardware aimed at making developing VR apps for mobile or desktop as easy as possible.

Don't be surprised by the "VR Goldrush" in the App Store this fall when iOS 11 launches to the public.

watchOS Steadily Improves

For those of you in the wearable market, we enjoy seeing a steady stream of improvements to hardware and software enabling creators to craft more useful, and more user friendly, applications for customers.

iPad Productivity

We were a little surprised by the amount of iPad specific features released as part of iOS 11, but in a good way. We believe in the power of the iPad, but honestly don't use it as a computer replacement - we spend all day on Macs writing and designing software, something still difficult to accomplish on a tablet.

However, if you have an iPad app, we'd strongly recommend making the investment to update your app to make use of the new productivity features, as we imagine customers will come to expect this very quickly and not supporting will lead to negative App Store reviews pretty quickly.

Video and Photo Formats

Not as amazing in itself, but Apple is rolling out support for new video and image codecs, offering up to 40% better compression without any loss of quality compared to predecessors (H264 for instance).

Our prediction? Apple is trying to find ways to offer users more space on device, and possibly help save on data transfer costs by reducing file size on our mobile devices. Perhaps now is the time to come up with the "Uber for Instagram"?

Written by Matt

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