Good Tech Disrupts Established Markets Easily - Trucker Path

Good Tech Disrupts Established Markets Easily - Trucker Path

Jun 19, 2017 | By Matt |


Tech is Important

I love the story of Trucker Path, "Technology Built for the Trucking Industry". Every industry has the opportunity for a new player to solve problems that others didn't see, or deemed impossible to overcome, and the trucking industry is an established and archaic industry benefiting from fresh thinking and technology.

How do you Disrupt?

Creating software solutions, web apps or mobile apps to solve a problem makes sense - but execution and identifying the key needs and problems of your target audience is paramount to disrupting established players and processes in a market. Trucker Path identified several key problems for many different customers (user personas) and offers ways to ease a burden, whether that is a financial burden, a time restriction, or simply an annoyance.

Trucker Path - Landscape Hauler

Truck Drivers

What does Trucker Path solve for truck drivers? Trucker Path has over 550,000 of 1.6 Million (34% market share) of the drivers in the US on their app!

  • The biggest problem drivers report is easily finding a place to park their rig to sleep
  • Connecting drivers with jobs
  • Road conditions, fueling stations, etc
  • Facilitating faster payments

As a driver, I'd be thrilled to have a more complete picture of where I should refuel, sleep and avoid construction to keep my productivity on the road high, and maximize my time at home when not at work. Additionally, standardizing and providing a marketplace connection to find work is huge.

For Employers

For employers, simply finding drivers at the right price and equipment can be a large task.

  • Find drivers with the right equipment, skill, and price for my job
  • Easily monitor the job and delivery
  • Easily pay upon completion


If you have realized a pain point in an industry, no matter how small, utilizing mobile and web applications to create custom software solutions empowering your customers to engage, simplify, and enjoy their work and life more is a great business model indeed.

Read More about Trucker Path on Tech Crunch

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