Our Thoughts and Stories

It's hard to write when we're always so busy creating for our amazing clients! However, we do find time sometimes to share our thoughts on crafting Rails, iOS and Mac apps out of Knoxville, TN.

How we built an offline mapping mobile app for Windrock Park

3 Common Mistakes We See When Clients Skip Discovery

Linking your Rails App to Salesforce with OAuth 2.0

What we learned integrating Heartland Payments into the OnTrac Point of Sale: 3 months later

Product Discovery: Investing in Your Business

Curious What Goes into Maintaining a Mobile App after Launch?

Creating Static Circles in Map Box: How many miles are in a pixel?

Learn how we utilize our experience crafting mobile apps to rebrand a focused travel app experience in record time

5 Tips for Comparing Software Development Estimates

What it really means for you to make the jump and freelance full time

Looking Back at 10 Years as a Software Developer

Big News: We're Hiring for a Rails Developer!

Utilizing the Power of ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL with ZomboDB

Remembering Matthew Shepard: 20 Years Later

A Year Working with Croozen to Launch a New Cloud Platform

Why Ads are Frustrating on the Apple App Store

Stripe Raises Another $245M and Can Work for Your Small Business

3 Tips to Craft More Effective Email Subjects

3 Tips for Quickly Prioritizing Your Product Backlog

The Hidden Cost of a Cheaper Hourly Rate

Behind the Scenes: Hourly Rate

Announcing OnTrac Point of Sale

What You're not Asking your Development Partner

Our Collaboration with MathStar

Interview with CEO of Croozen

Announcing School PayIt

Using Before Destroy and Has Many in Rails

Expanding Objects in Stripe API

How We Approach a New Project

Official Launch of Equus Hub for iOS

Good Tech Disrupts Established Markets Easily - Trucker Path

WWDC 2017 and You

Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board of Ontario Portal Software Launch

Announcing our entrepreneur video series

5 Software Solutions that Failed with Poor Marketing

3 Tips to Identify the Target Audience for Software Solutions

We've Rebranded

Why Market Validation is Important to Launching Software Solutions

3 Tips to create new software solutions

How to Make Marketing Yourself Easy

How to Integrate ActiveAdmin State Machine

How to Use Slack Voting

How to Create Threadsafe Ruby Sidekiq Workers

MetaProgramming Ruby to Manage Raspberry PI GPIO

What is the Internet of Things or IoT? (Part 2)

What is the Internet of things or IoT? (Part 1)

What are Standup Meetings?

How to Use Sidekiq without Rails

How to use SSH Port Forwarding in Ruby HTTP Library

How to Design a Mobile App

How to Test ActiveJob Callbacks Using Sidekiq

The Design Process

How to Manage Environment Variable in Ruby Subprocess

Logo Design Basics

How We Hired a Web Developer

What the font?

UI/UX Design Overview

How to Manage Ruby Processes at Launch on Linux

Understanding the basics of Branding through Brand Identity Examples

Hand Crafted Holiday Boxes

Lotus Apps T-Shirts

Working Remote — 4 Years Later

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Web vs Mobile software solutions
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